Health4All Kids

Beginning in May 2016, ALL kids, no matter their immigration status, who meet the income requirements, qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal coverage.  We support California’s leadership in moving toward healthcare for all. Read more here.

Register to Vote

Whatever your party affiliation, get out there and rock your vote, and encourage others!  Get registered and get resources for your health center registration and education efforts on our voter page.  The health of community health centers depends on an actively voting community.

Expanding Dental Health Care

“I always talked with my hand covering my face,” says Patsy Jackson. When asked by providers at Native American Health Center why she did this, “I told them: ‘I have shame about my teeth.’ They said, ‘We can help you with that.” Patsy feared she couldn’t afford it. “I was working at a gas station job.” Read More.

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What is a Community Health Center?

Our community health centers have served the community for over 40 years, providing primary, behavioral, and dental care services. Click here to read more.

Find a Career!

Click here to visit our member health center websites for job opportunities.